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The day-to-day reality that surrounds us captivates me with its arbitrariness and absurdity. I explore the physical remnants and the images it leaves behind. Sometimes, my work involves the material itself, in sculpting and molding, and at other times, it encompasses digital photography, the darkroom, and the scanner. I transform three dimensions into two and substance into light, back and forth. I don't believe in "absolute truth" – in my view, every image or creation is a challenge to the notion of a singular and stable reality. Even when using "reality replicators" mediums such as photography and casting, I strive to present an unstable inner world. From what is find, I construct an alternative world – an inner truth that lurks behind the banality of everyday life.


I question the distinction between "nature," primal and untouched, and "culture" – encompassing human creations, both beautiful and flawed. The natural and the artificial are intertwined, and I seek the blurring of lines and the mixing between them, the "nature-culture" that they both represent.


Doing so, I pursue beauty, even in the small, whimsical, and random things.

Inbal Cohen Hamo


I live and create in Raanana, Israel

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