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To the Negev

When I ran into the photo album "Eretz Negev" by Peter Merom (1963), its photographic code connected to my childhood book "Journey to the Negev Land" by Rina Havron, who described an imaginary adventure of a boy and a talking camel in the Negev, a desert in the south of Israel. Merom photographs are direct and interpret the natural phenomena unique to the Negev. Using a digital strategy, I embarked on a journey of remembering and forgetting, to my Negev land: a mythological, personal, and fantastic place. I borrowed the images of Merom, reassembled them, and created a space between times and places, both earthly and extraterrestrial; a network of information that builds up on top of each other like in an archaeological mound, where historical layers are laid out according to the timeline.

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